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Being aware of what is going on in the world of healthcare can give students an edge as they pursue their MHA degree, as current events can advance their thinking about administrative strategies. Blogging is a widely accepted medium for informing on and assessing current trends in any industry, and healthcare is no exception. As individuals seek out engaging sources of information, they will find some blogs by pioneers in the medical world and others written by top healthcare organizations.

Healthcare Blogs to Follow Now

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CDC Public Health Matters Blog

This blog covers a variety of pertinent topics relating to public health. It’s also helpful for tips on emergencies, anything related to wellness, and news on modern outbreaks such as the Zika Virus. If there is a health crisis, the Center For Disease Control is right on task with telling the public exactly what they need to know via the organization’s blog.

David Harlow’s

This healthcare attorney and writer has been publishing on since 2006. He has over 25 years of experience in the public and private sector of health. Not only did he just revamp his blog, but the topics he covers are also on the forefront of medical technology. His specialty is patients’ rights associated with HIPAA and data security issues.

The Huffington Post’s Healthy Living Blog 

Huffington Post’s Healthy Living blog publishes on a variety of healthcare related topics. The information the Huffington Post publishes comes from a variety of medical leaders, television sources, and experts in the industry. Visitors will always find something new to read on this site. Recently covered on this blog include a wide variety of topics like nutrition, emotional health, personalized medicine and the science of a good night’s rest.

Covering Health Blog

This is written by the Association of Healthcare Journalists to feature a variety of stellar up-to-the-minute medical topics. Some of the topics it has recently featured include Medicare, health information technology, addiction, and the latest research studies. Contributors are experts in the field of medical journalism. Watch for anything written by Tara Haelle, who is the medical studies core topic leader, because her articles are fresh and informative.
These are not the only blogs that will supplement a healthcare education, but they do provide a helpful starting point. After all, healthcare is almost always a trending topic; it’s important to sift through all of the information and find a few valuable sources to read and follow on a regular basis.

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CDC Pubic Health Matters Blog

The Huffington Post’s Healthy Living Blog

Covering Health Blog