EMHA Career Resources

Learn how an online EMHA from The University of Southern California can support your present career while opening up new career paths and opportunities.

Pharmacist speaking with clients.

Executive Pharmaceutical Careers and Emerging Leaders

Pharmaceutical companies and medical device suppliers are searching for a new set of leaders to help them adapt to shifting landscapes and new business models.

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Health executive posing for a picture.

Fastest Growing Careers in Health Care Administration

The fastest growing careers in health administration range from Health IT professional to practice manager.


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Health executive showing data in a meeting.

Career Options for the Executive Master of Health Administration  Graduate

There are a number of fields to choose from with the Executive Master’s of Health Administration degree.

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A health care administrator meets with medical staff.

Health Care Administration Job Outlook and Salary

What is the health care administration job outlook? Read more about the role, the average health care administration salary and industry projections.

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A health care data analyst prepares a report on a laptop.

Career Profile: Health Care Analytics

Need some analytic talent in your organization? Want to become a data guru in one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy? EMHA’s Health Administration Blog interviews Younes Injar, MHA Class of 2010.

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Women healthcare worker.

The Ultimate Guide to Advancing your Executive Healthcare Career

Regardless of where you are in your career, you’ve likely explored other opportunities. Read to find out what to consider when advancing your career.

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A director of patient safety talks with a doctor.

Director of Patient Safety Career Path

A director of patient safety has the opportunity to improve the health care system. Discover why patient safety is important and how you can make an impact.

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A smiling hospital administrator.

The Essential Role of a Hospital Administrator

Seeking a rewarding career in health care management? Learn how to become a hospital administrator with an online Executive Master of Health Administration.

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A smiling CEO works at their desk.

Hospital CEO Job Description and Salary

A hospital CEO job description includes medical responsibilities on top of business management, and hospital CEO salaries reflect the role’s growing importance.

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A person holding a clipboard stands next to a seated patient in a hospital room.

Your Path to Becoming a Health Care Executive

Health care executives play an important role in health care delivery. Read more about what health care executives do and why their jobs are so important.

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A nursing home administrator talks with residents while they eat breakfast.

How to Become a Nursing Home Administrator

Nursing homes make a real difference in the lives of older adults. Learn how to become a nursing home administrator, the job duties and career outlook.

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A director of training and development gives a presentation to a group of care providers.

What Does a Health Care Director of Training and Development Do?

Proper training is critical in health care. Explore what a health care director of training and development does and requirements for serving in the position.

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A health insurance manager helps a team member who is working on a laptop.

Health Insurance Manager: Salary, Overview and Responsibilities

Health insurance needs qualified leadership to ensure claims are properly processed. Learn about a health insurance manager’s salary and job role.

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