Ultimate Guide to Advancing Your Executive Healthcare Career

Executive Healthcare Careers

by John Schiavone

Regardless of where you are in your career, you’ve likely explored the opportunities that are available to you. Whether it’s climbing the ladder within your current organization or finding a job with a new health network, there’s no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to advancing your executive career.

Have you ever finished a shift and thought to yourself, “I want to do more for my patients, my organization, and the US healthcare system at large?”

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How to Embed Culture During Periods of Organizational Change

Culture and Healthcare

For those holding leadership roles in healthcare organizations change may come slow, if at all. However, with emergence of value-based purchasing and care models, organizations recognize the close relationship between organizational culture and clinical performance.

For healthcare organizations to succeed, they must prepare their leaders to turn the corner, lead through culture improvement, and embed culture during periods of organizational change.

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Leading Through Culture: Culture Improvement Case Studies

by John Schiavone

Culture Shift in Healthcare

A healthcare organization’s success relies heavily on the implementation and execution of organizational culture and clinical performance improvement initiatives.

More than ever health systems are seeking leaders that can lead through culture and who are prepared for these changes.

As healthcare organizations begin to move further into Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) Programs, leadership roles grow in complexity in relation to the change.

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Organizational Culture and Clinical Performance

by USC

When it comes to improving patient outcomes and reducing the cost of care, organizational culture and clinical performance play a big role.

Let’s explore what organizational culture is, it’s impact on executive healthcare leadership, and how The Mayo Clinic’s mission statement embodies culture.

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How to Write a Personal Statement for Graduate School

by Frank Farrar

Of all the application requirements writing a personal statement for graduate school is where you’re able to express your intentions.

So make it count. It’s nothing to fear. Let’s review important things to do and not do in writing your personal essay.

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Letters of Recommendation for Graduate School

by Frank Farrar

In reviewing applicants for a graduate school program, a university’s office of admissions wants to feel like they know a candidate as well as possible.

A resume and list of education and work experience might tell a fairly good story, but well-done letters of recommendation can provide valuable perspective, additional insight and colorful details to help in deciding whether a prospective student is a good fit for the school.

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How to Write a Resume like a Healthcare Executive

First impressions are important. And for most people seeking a new job or applying for a graduate program, the initial introduction comes in the form of a resume.

If you’re a healthcare executive – or a mid-level career professional interested in becoming one – you need to make that first impression count.

Make the wrong impression and you may find yourself struggling to climb out of a hole from Day One – or, worse yet, never have the opportunity to recover with a better second impression.

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How Cohort-Based Learning Enhances Online Learning

When considering online graduate school programs, the learning environment is a major decision factor, leaving many students asking, “Who will my classmates be?”

Cohort-based learning has grown in popularity with the rise of online education. Learn how cohorts elevate online learning, provide richer learning experiences and often lead to deeper professional connections.

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Health Insurance Executives: Road to Success

With the Trump administration taking over in January, there was little doubt that 2017 would challenge and bring uncertainty to the health insurance marketplace.

So, how are health insurance companies responding? What strategic tactics are health insurance providers using to address market challenges?  What leadership skills are most effective for continued success?

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Executive Pharmaceutical Careers and Emerging Leaders

New c-suite positions are emerging for inspired leaders with the strength to fully embrace change and lead disruptive transformation.

Pharmaceutical companies and medical device suppliers are searching for a new set of leaders to help them adapt to shifting landscapes and new business models.

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