3 Smart Ways to Make the Most of the Online Learning Experience

Upon starting the journey toward earning an Executive Master of Health Administration degree online, students join more than 5.5 million college students embracing the online learning experience. Online programs allow individuals to earn a quality degree without traveling across town, or the country, to attend courses in-person. However, participating in online learning programs presents unique challenges that students must overcome to achieve success. Here are three ways to overcome those challenges and make the most of the online learning experience:


3 Smart Ways to Make the Most of the Online Learning Experience

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Establish A Dedicated Workspace

Upon signing up for an online learning program, students take on the responsibility of carving out a distraction-free workspace. When they establish a specific place to do schoolwork and take tests, they prime their brains for learning when they return to that study space. According to Scientific American, a person’s ability to recall the information he or she studied is improved when the environment remains the same, which is especially beneficial while taking exams.

In addition to sitting in the same place each work period, students should recreate their perfect study environment. If an individual wants to work with the door closed, soft music playing and all of the lights on, she should recreate this scenario each time she sits down to learn.

Create A Strict Schedule

The information in the online learning portal is likely the only reminder students have of assignments, projects and tests that are due soon. Upon receiving a course syllabus, it is wise to immediately create a study schedule for that class to avoid missing important due dates. The syllabus should list the number of hours a student must dedicate to the class to do well on assignments and exams. If not, students can ask their instructors for a timetable guideline to use.

After all course study times are listed on a calendar, allowing for a few flexible hours out of each week is important. These can be used for particularly tough assignments or projects that require a little extra time.  If the extra time is not needed for assignments, students can use it for extra credit work to buffer their grades, if available, or simply relax in their downtime.

Utilize Social Connectivity Platforms

Online programs may initially give the impression that students are flying solo while understanding and applying tough concepts. Fortunately, they can actually connect with classmates and reap the benefits of group work by utilizing social connectivity platforms. These platforms include forums and bulletin boards within the learning portal or external group collaboration websites and apps, such as Skype, Wiggio and Teambox.

Studying with a partner or in a group through online channels can help students improve their understanding and retention of the course information. In fact, as reported by TIME, an individual’s ability to internalize the lesson is multiplied as he helps his partner or group mates grasp complex concepts.

When students adopt these tactics along their journey through an online program, they can make the most of their online learning experience. They will learn the course content faster and retain the information for the long term to earn excellent grades and create the foundation for a successful career.

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