Five Important Blogs

If You Are in Health Administration, You Must Read These 5 Important Blogs

According to an independent study by learning organization The Evolllution, “70% of employers believe that employees need continuous learning simply to keep up with the demands of their current jobs.” If you are currently in the health administration field or considering entering one with a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Healthcare Administration online, it’s important that you stay educated on current healthcare trends to both help you become a better rounded professional and improve your prospects for job and promotion. But not all information is equal. So let’s look at five online publications that are highly respected among those in the medical industry and important for you and your health administration career. 177 countries read it every week, with submissions from elite medical professionals around the globe. Each article undergoes extensive peer review before publication, so information is always well researched, documented and widely accepted as valid in the medical community.

Fierce Healthcare

Fierce Healthcare provides newsletters, daily emails and online content shared by over 100,000 industry insiders. They focus on health news, reform, healthcare legislation, Medicare/Medicaid, and more. The articles are very current and constantly updated, making this a great source for what is happening now.

Kaiser Health News

Kaiser is a non-profit whose focus is healthcare policy and politics. Their stories are respected and republished throughout reputable news organizations. They are seen as a source for reliable and current healthcare information. As a non-profit, they accept no marketing dollars, so they can stay true to their mission.

ACO Watch

This publication follows Accountable Care Organization trends and news. ACO’s are networks of medical professionals (doctors, hospitals, homecare, etc) who work together to coordinate a high level of care for Medicare patients. This is a quality over quantity approach to managing the whole patient and a very important ongoing trend in healthcare of which those is health administration should stay abreast.

Health 2.0

Health 2.0 is a self-described “catalyst for advancement of new health technologies.” They drive innovation and collaboration through sponsoring competitions and conferences, as well as leading marketing initiatives and distributing information in the form of their blog to help spread the word on new health technology that will transform the industry.

Why Health Administration Professionals Should Read These Blogs

When you work in health administration, you will likely be responsible for coordinating heath-related services, personnel, ongoing training, facilities, etc. The more you know about current health administration topics, the better you will be able to do your job and improve community health. If you are already in health administration or considering entering this in demand career, read about our online MHA degree program today. With a flexible online format, you can graduate is as few as 22-29 months.




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