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Executive Masters in Health Administration (EMHA)

A thoughtful and diverse mix of health care professionals gives students the opportunity to learn from their peers’ unique backgrounds and experiences. The program facilitates student growth in the areas that will be most impactful to their organizations while advancing their individual career goals. Learn the various ways the program has taken EMHA Alumni to the next level in their careers.

Michelle Parker

Health Advocacy
EMHA Graduate, 2018

“The outcome goals that I had wanted to receive was to be able to better understand the healthcare system throughout the United States, better understand the structure, the processes, and potential outcomes for patients and residents, how all of those factors work together and how, as an advocate, you can better make an impact as you understand those moving pieces."

Rodrick McGrew II

Vice President, Enterprise Integration, Molina Healthcare
EMHA Graduate, 2017

“There’s a lot of concepts around leadership and leading highly effective teams. I was fortunate enough to receive a promotion while I was in the program. The skills that I learned in the program, I was able to implement immediately.”

Nathan DeGodt

President and CEO, Community Health Accreditation Partner
EMHA Graduate, 2017

“I quickly realized that I was already taking things that I was learning through the course and applying them into my professional life. What the program does is makes you go down to the granular piece of it, which allowed me to have various conversations with other people within other divisions or departments or organizations that I would not have had otherwise.”

Laurie Johnson

Ambulatory Chief Administrative Office, Keck School of Medicine at USC
EMHA Graduate, 2016

“I realized that I had been in healthcare for over 20 years, and I didn't have, really, the formal education in healthcare. I had the education in another field. I knew that my education needed to catch up with my experience… And my goal was to make sure that I could be the strongest leader that I could be, but also that I led with knowledge, skills, and background.”

Michael Karp

Physician, Keck School of Medicine at USC
EMHA Graduate, 2014

“I wanted to learn more about leadership, not just about economics, but finances, how to run divisions, how to run health systems. All of those things were available to me through the EMHA program. It gave me the foundation, the foundational knowledge, along with the on-the-job training that I was getting from my mentors at the health system.”

Daniel Bustamante

Director, Provider Business Development, Keck School of Medicine at USC
EMHA Graduate, 2017

“I thought that the EMHA program would be a great way to help accelerate my career growth. It was earlier in my career, and I really wanted to feel confident in a boardroom or meeting with a physician…With the virtual settings, we were able to get the formal education in a more efficient way, but then there was the residency component where we were able to really establish stronger bonds…”

Aye Lin

Attending Physician, Kaiser Permanente
EMHA Graduate, 2018

“…I really want to know more about the health administration perspective, not only the clinical. That's why I started the EMHA at USC. All the physicians have an administrative partner. So in order for us to learn, I need to understand what their perspective is.”