Residency Experiences | David Tweedy PhD

All Executive MHA students participate in the Residency Program, which puts classroom theory into practice and ensures that skills are sufficient to secure employment after graduation. Many graduates report that this distinctive program is among the most beneficial aspects of their Price MHA experience.

Working under the direction of a senior-level manager, students will:

  • Gain understanding of the global healthcare industry, its varied sectors, and the manner in which they affect each other.
  • Explore organizational structure, technology, personnel and tasks employed in the delivery of healthcare services as they apply to the sponsoring organization.
  • Integrate administrative and academic theories by applying and relating them to key operational issues.
  • Enhance administrative and managerial skills under the direction of a knowledgeable preceptor in an environment that promotes learning.
  • Develop a practical understanding of the dynamics of the health administration work environment.