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There are a number of fields to choose from with the Executive Master’s of Health Administration degree. Here are just four that graduates can consider:

Director of Patient Safety

EMHA-degree holders find careers as a Director of Patient Safety in facilities such as home healthcare organizations, clinics, and mental health organizations. As the Director of Patient Safety, individuals work with the patient safety managers to ensure that all patients have a safe, healthy environment while working with the facility. In this position, individuals create and develop safety strategies and procedures for the entire organization and work with other departments ensuring that patient safety is a top priority.

Healthcare Research Analyst

For those who want to work with health insurance companies to research and analyze the healthcare offered and the systems provided to patients, an EMHA provides the needed education. This position requires detail-oriented individuals to work with others to find and verify data related to client claims, hospital procedures, and more. Those interested in this career path are comfortable working with large amounts of data and can research detailed information effectively. In addition, they have the ability to develop new healthcare initiatives.

Chief Clinical Transformation Officer

Those interested in the care infrastructure, staff management, partner engagement, and IT changes may pursue a position as Chief Clinical Transformation Officer. This position allows individuals to work with others in the industry to create system reorganizations in their facility. The Chief Clinical Transformation Officer is the administrative leader for change initiatives and works with physicians, other executives, and employees working with the current systems to ensure everything runs smoothly.

When putting new technology systems in place or creating new patient initiatives, the Chief Clinical Transformation Officer is responsible for these changes. This position requires an understanding of new technology, best practices for the facility type, and the ability to work well with others to implement and teach the changes.

Health Administrator

With an Executive Master of Health Administration, individuals can follow the career path of a health administrator. Health administrators work with the organization to manage and direct the overall health services of patients. Health administrators are employed with hospitals, clinics, governments, and non-profit organizations. Responsibilities for this position include ensuring that patients are properly taken care of, that procedures are followed, and that other employees are working to improve the health of patients.

This is a very communication-oriented position and candidates are expected to work with other employees of the organization, patients, and others in both the healthcare industry and the community.

Pursuing an Executive Master of Health Administration offers a number of career options. Those who thrive on developing new policies and those who do their best when directly working with patients and the community have a range of career options. In fact, this degree is one of the most diverse options for those interested in healthcare.


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