Anthony Brown

Adjunct Instructor

For 10 years at The Ensign Group, Anthony has followed a career trajectory through positions of increasing technical complexity and leadership authority, which has included the confidence of the CEO in. Anthony began as 4th person hired in the IT department and fast-tracked through the ever growing healthcare technology field as company expanded from ownership of 80 facilities (in 2008) to 240 facilities (at present). Anthony has become successful in:

• Leading M&A-related systems integration projects.

• Building a new IT infrastructure from scratch.

• Building and developing the best talent teams and igniting their performance in reaching lofty goals.

• Seeing the ‘big picture” that positions him as a strategic and C-level partner design maker.

• Trusted advisor and client-relationship manager, promoting a partnership atmosphere with other executives.

This is part of a wider scope of contributions and leadership supporting the company’s continuing expansion and business growth.

Select examples include:

• Reduced operational costs through technology upgrades and outsourcing.

• An expanded account base through roadmaps (that used demographic information gained from business analysis).

• Rollout of an electronic record system that integrated all field locations (150+ sites with ~15 PCs and ~50 end-users each).

• Point of Care implementation to over 1500 caregivers.

• Scaling the size of the IT healthcare product development team in line with business growth paths.

• Encouraging talent to adapt both a team- and an enterprise-based sense of accountability and community.

An integral reason for his success involves taking a “non-server room” approach to the all roles. Instead of focusing on technology, Anthony creates roadmaps that align technology with business growth strategies. He partners with decision makers, develop the best talent teams, act as liaison between IT operations and other business units, provide excellent client service and support, and skillfully guide projects to their successful closure.

Anthony holds a B.S in Healthcare Informatics and a MBA from Pepperdine University, as well as maintains an active role in many CIO Technology Executive Network groups in California and Arizona.